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Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 09

Im not a fan of Pugh's designs. But this colection have something that i cannot explain but i like.
Contrast, that's all about. Future and past, white fronts and black backs, geometry and curves, ruffs and robots.
But there is something I don't like. The collection was totally theatrical, a good point to correct is that. If the outffits were more casuals, I think it would be better.


  1. Ya te dije pero lo voy a repetir, tu blog es F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.O , tiene una estética tan diferente al de los demás, merece ser visto por millones y millones de personas.
    Un beso julien!

    pd: voy a hacer un intento de promoción de este blog haha.

  2. i didnt start paying attention to pugh until i fell in love with this slashed leather dress i found on polyvore from pugh's fall collection.

    i liked this collection. i think it had some surprisingly wearable pieces, since the runway was stripped of the theatrics. and of course im a sucker for a storm trooper inspired collection.

    i cant see the 2nd video, but the 1st video was pretty cool.