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Balenciaga Fall/Winter 08

Yes, I know. It could be a bit "late" for the fashion time to post this. But as you should now by now, this is not a blog for being a fashion victim. This is a blog for art victims, for ideas victims.
Some days ago I started thinking about the collection fall/winter 08 of Balenciaga's House. And I decided to make a post about that collection.

As you know, Ghesquiere is always looking back into the house's archives, to have the clue to complete the fashion puzzle of modernity. The collections are always elegant, and extremely chic.
For this collection, the warrior soul strikes again, under the face of samurais as inspiration. And materials as plastic appears in a strongerly way, more literally. Even sports have them place in the collection. Taking the idea of "little black dress" for the begining, Ghesquiere develop the inspiration and take that to a whole coat made of... plastic (?) or leather. I think it's refers to the woman that he dress. Is the perfect complement that the sinister woman created in this show would wear, in some way is the idea of the collection in one outfitt.

And then, sports appears. The battle between elegant and sport wear starts for finishing in architectural futuristic evening dresses with shapes very similar to the spring/summer 08 ones. The war between inside and outside continues, reflected in draped tops with very antagonistic fabrics as velvet and lycra.
And for the ending, samurais appears in a very powerful way. Big shouldes, high boots and oriental prints conclude in fit to true dresses that show how powerful is the Balenciaga's woman.


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  2. I love your blog! great selection of pictures!

  3. You bring up some interesting points. I love that his silhouettes are very feminine, yet seem to possess armor.

    I just bought a pair of shoes from that collection, and let me tell you- I'm ready to do battle.

  4. i didnt know about the samurai inspiration. i'll have to take a look again at this collection.

  5. wooooooooo what a shoes
    dear thanks for sharing
    all these innovative shoes

  6. I love shoes hummm long heel shoes
    I like it thanks

  7. now I will look a shoe shop to buy that shoes

    1. Hey there! I don't know if you are still looking for these, but I have a pair I've only worn twice... Let me know if you are interested.

    2. Hey there! I don't know if you are still looking for these, but I have a pair I've only worn twice... Let me know if you are interested.

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