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Boy by Band of Outsiders Fall Winter 2010 / 2011

In my opinion this collection is full of fashion don'ts but I'm amazed about how they made them work making an interesting show. A basic sporty outwear feelling printed in simple pieces as crew neck sweaters, trench coats, uniform blazers and camping vests paired with luxury touches as rabbit fur multicolor vest, cargo dressing pants and a short multistriped long sleeved dress creates a boyish femenine girl. Maybe it's only me but I see a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière influence. The way to mix sporty fabrics with dressing skirts, the glasses, the vest with pockets over the mini graphic dress, the masculine fitting pants. No other shoes could have worked better with the clothes than the ones picked. Those amazing strapy high-heeled platforms over wool stockings.
Optic patterns in different colors, male golf shoes and big scarves add some styling to stay cool in winter.

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  1. is that my steph carta!? YAP! yes, full of fashion dont's that seem to be working so well here in this collection and on the streets. im seeing more and more of this everywhere. love the blog btw.