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Je t'adore Agnés Boulard

god, i fell in love with this super funny fashion diary for the spring summer 2010. it's called Habillées pour l'ete 2010 (dressed up for summer 2010) and it's hosted by Agnés Boulard, my new fashion icon. tell me, how can't you adore her? she's so funny, relaxed and chic.
During the show you'll follow mademoiselle Agnés throught the fashion weeks (specially paris) attending to fashion shows, backstages and interviews (that includes dancing with Karl Lagerfeld). The main focus of the tv (?) program is to find the new french top designer who could keep what Coco and Yves has started, highlight paris as the world's fashion capital.
Here you have the whole program, it maybe be long but it totally worth it:

habillées part 1

habillées part 2

habillées part 3

habillées part 4

habillées part 5

habillées part 6

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