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Balenciaga Prefall 2010

Balenciaga, balenciaga, balenciaga... it's prefall time and you did it again, how many times I've already told you that you can't have the most incredible collections ever?!
Architectural coats, bright tights, geometrical jackects, drapped pants, and multilayered miniskirts. Prints as a trend is coming back after a season of retreat incarnate in irregular stripes, landscapes, dots, artworks, and astract images. Bright primary colors are coming back into the spot, as orange, yellow, red and green. But in a very Cristobal way, Nicolas decided to mix them up with some of the favourites colors of spanish paintors as Goya and Velázquez. So, here is where shades of bottle green, camel, earthy brown, and clay comes into the scene getting as result an eclectic range. And of course, the basics and unmissables black and gray.
ps: i'm glad that a fellow contrywoman of mine could achieve to be the first argentine who model for Balenciaga. I'm talking about Naomi Preizler, the girl in yellow tights in the second picture. I think she doesn't look her best here, her face isn't looking great but it's great to see her doing this kind of jobs.

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