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Trend 08/09: Dark Souls

There's a few seasons that a kind of new gothic style is appearing. Since the fall winter 08/09 we can notice dark touches at collections like Balenciaga, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Maison Martin Margiela and many others. And the collections for 09 pre-fall aren't the exception.
The main color is black, but also appears colors like grey, smoke, nude, white and militar green. Ripped clothes, zippers, leather and fringes inspires this look, where female and male caracters get mixed.

This kind of new gothic is product of Vogue Paris that started the trend under the influence of people like Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, etc., and then young Vogue readers started to copy the look. Even designers took it, as Alexander Wang, Balmain, Rodarte and Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy. Then, big brands that sells cheaper clothes like Topshop took it down to massive consumers.

Girls that proves this are Rumi at her her blog Fashion Toast and Camille at Childhood Flames.

For the next season brands like Versace, Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, TopShop and Diane Von Furstenberg wager for this style.


  1. Hi :)

    I am not a goth type (I don't think) but I do love to dress dark, so I absolutely adore this new trend that is up and coming. That last photo, the center girl is my favorite look!

    Great blog! Do you want to exchange blog links with me?
    xx. Mavvie

  2. these montages are gorgeous!!

    Thanks for coming by leChic. I really appreciate the positive feedback ;-)

  3. i like what im see for vera wang. i love the dark black look.

  4. vera wang and alex are my favorites ofcourse. but honestly i cant wait until this gothic look starts to fade. im ready for the nuetral and bright tones to come back.(this coming from a person who wore all black for 4 years)


  5. especially those rodarte heels! those things are intense. i like how you followed the trend from the runway to topshop and fashion bloggers.

    /maisie #1

  6. finally! una tendencia oscura y rock n roll-era... no mas florales por un tiempillo....


  7. thanks for the sweet comment! love your blog :)

  8. mhm i love dark stuff!! and i'm sort of glad it's ~back~ although it was never really gone. and along with everyone else i love your blog too and i like how you composed these little collages. :) vera wang;s stuff actually looks interesting ♥

  9. i cant stop wearing dark colours, they just seem more flattering,
    black tights, leggings etc, give the skinny elusion, i just love black, and navy's. black lace....always a winner with me, love the blog

  10. I totally love all these looks, I keep thinking I should try wearing more black!

  11. wow, a lot of black these days!!

  12. de donde sos? porque el blog esta todo en ingles pero me firmaste en castellano, jaja me entro la curiosidad.
    si te gusta el jean de complot como el que tengo compratelo, yo me enamore mas despues de comprarlo lo uso muy seguido y es comodo-
    me encanta tu blog! gracias por tu comentario
    un beso

  13. love this,
    your posts are brilliant :)


  14. I love all the pictures you posted. Very inspirational <3

  15. THIS IS FANTASTIC! dark is certanly a theme for this winter. and i think i was impressed the most with givenchy. love how you implemented topshop amonmg all the high fashion crowd. fantastic.

  16. Great collages. The combinations are so chic. I need to wear more black.

  17. si tengo una medium en blanco, y es la mejor compra que hice. yo no me arriesgue a comprar aca porque las imitaciones nunca me convencieron y suelen estar hechas de materiales taaan pobres, vendian una en tropea y ni pense en comprarla porque solo tengo una cartera de esa marca y se me rompieron las manijas so me fije en ebay y consegui esta blanca pero me la mandaron de inglaterra y tuve que esperar bastante. pero obviamente valio la pena asique si queres una te recomiendo que busques en ebay.

  18. you know i love you!
    i'm so putting you on my "blog roll" x

  19. WOW i love this particular post! as a lover of black, this is just amazing! thank you for this :) and YOU'RE blog is wonderful!

  20. what i wouldn't do to walk through alexandre wang's studio....

    fab photosplices!

    happy 09!


  21. tengo una blanca y una negra, la negra es balenciaga pero como es usada me salio mas barata, la blanca se la compre nueva a un vendendor en ebay de inglaterra -tenia de diferentes tamaños y colores- tuve que esperar bastante pero me salio tipo 100/150 dolares
    espero que te sirvan los datos . un beso!

  22. i'm SO into these looks right now
    great post!

  23. i really like the pictures
    great colours and matchs

  24. you've been tagged lovey :)
    rules are on my page!!! This is going to be great.

  25. I really like the Vera Wang silhouettes and I really like all of your collages!

  26. vera wang, alexander wang, & versace?!
    it's like you took those right off my look book.

    great blog also (;

  27. Omg, I like your blog tooooooo. :)
    Love alexandar wang!!

  28. Nice post hon!
    and thanks for your comment on my blog - yours is great too! :) xxx LM

  29. crazy. cool. collages.
    black will NEVER be beat.

    thanks for all your sweetness.

    linked you too!


  30. porque esta todo en inglés si firmas en español? que loco jaja qué publico :)
    Me encanta cuando es tendencia esta onda, tipo todo negro y rotoso. no soy dark ni nada por el estilo pero, tiene onda. menos los borcegos.
    y me encantan los pantalones esos de vinilo (o el material que sea) ojala algun copiador argentino se digne a hacerlossss!
    falta tanto para el invierno :( veo las imagenes y ya quiero salir de compras! un beso pretty guide

  31. I love these collages! So crazy and visually beautiful. I adore black, but i'm not really the goth type, so it's fun to interpret the new styles to suit my personality.

    You have given me some great inspiration here xx

  32. So rock! I love dark trends! I'm happy we can see a lot of "dark glamour" on the runways!


  33. *swoon* this is all so mu style!

    Love your blog!

    Christina x

  34. oh thank you for your comment! first time on your blog and it's fabulous too!

    i love love this look that is so 'in' atm..

    great post xxx love LM